Century Commercial Fiberglass Shells

Century Commercial Fiberglass Shells 

  • Century Commercial Fiberglass Shells century ultra cf
  • Century Commercial Fiberglass Shells ultra cf high

century ultra cf & high c cf Series

Standard Features

-Interior Headliner
-Commercial Cap Structural Reinforcement
-Interior LED 20” Light Bar
-12V Fuse Box
-Interior Wire Loomed and Secured
-Fiberglass Base Rails
-Recessed Third Brake Light
-Roped-in Fixed Front Window – Standard
-Dupont-Axalta Automotive Paint
-Solid Sides (No doors or windows)
-Recessed Dark Tint Rear Door with Double T-Handles

Front Options

-Roped-in Fixed Front Window – Standard
-Radius Framed Front Picture Window
-Radius Framed Removable Front Window – N/A with Tool Boxes
-Radius Framed Removable Front Sliding Picture Window – N/A with Tool Boxes
-Radius Front Sliding Window

Side Door Options

-Solid Sides – Standard (No doors or windows)
-70/30 Radius Side Sliding Window with Screen
-Pet Screens for Side Sliding Window
-Radius Side Windoor Slider
-Radius Side Windoor (Dark tint glass)
-Fiberglass Painted Access Door

Interior Lighting/Power Options

-12V LED Light Bar – 20”
-12V LED Light Bar – 40”
-Dome Light Gas Prop Switch (Switch is available per door)
-12V Three Outlet Power Block

Interior Options

-Interior Headliner – Standard (Choice: Black or Grey)
-Cargo Hooks: 4 DS, 4 PS, or 8 DS & PS

Truck Bed Accessories

-BEDSLIDE Contractor
-BEDSLIDE Heavy Duty
-DECKED Organizer
-BEDRUG Bedliner

Exterior Rack Options

-Kargo Master Pro III Cap Mount Rack
-Thule Tracker II Roof Rack System with Locks
-Thule AeroBlade Roof Rack System with Locks
-Thule Tracks Only
-CapRac – Commercial Rack System (2 – Bar Set with 4 Load Stops)

Rear Door Options

-Recessed Dark Tint Rear Door with Double T-Handles – Standard
-Solid Rear Door with Color Matched Aluminum Insert
-Solid Rear Door with Color Matched Fiberglass Insert, Drop T-Handle

Prime Design Ladder Racks

-AluRack™ Ladder Rack
-ErgoRack™ Single Clamping Ladder Rack
-ErgoRack™ Double Clamping Ladder Rack
-ErgoRack™ Single Clamping/Single Rotation Ladder Rack
-ErgoRack™ Dual Rotation Ladder Rack

PD Ladder Rack Accessories

-AluRack™ Quick Clamp Option – DS or PS
-ErgoRack™ Quick Clamp Option
-ErgoRack™ “Go” Beacon Light Mounting Bracket
-ErgoRack™ “Strobe” Beacon Light Mounting Bracket
-ErgoRack™ Conduit Tube 5” x 10’
-ErgoRack™ “Strobe” Beacon Light Mounting Bracket for Conduit Tube

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