AIRAID Intakes

AIRAID Intakes

SYNTHAFLOW Oiled Air Filters

SYNTHAFLOW oiled air filter media is made up of multiple layers of an oiled cotton/synthetic blend that is washable and reusable. SYNTHAFLOW oiled air filters are recommended when driving in dusty dry conditions and come with a lifetime “No-Hassle” warranty.

SYNTHAMAX Non-Oiled Air Filters

SYNTHAMAX non-oiled air filter media is made up of two distinct layers of super synthetic material that is washable and reusable. SYNTHAMAX non-oiled air filters are recommended for everyday street driving and come with a lifetime “No-Hassle” warranty.

Intakes airaid intakes intake

cold air 

  • Improved airflow to the engine
  • Scientific fact that cold air is denser than hot air, so therefore cold air packs more oxygen molecules into an engine
  • Dense air charge is the key to getting more power from your engine
  • AIRAID Intake Systems are smog-legal and utilize factory mounting points for ease of installation
  • AIRAID intakes come either oiled or non-oiled to get maximum performance in any climate
  • AIRAID backed Lifetime “No-Hassle” Warranty

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*Please note that these airaid intakes are vehicle specific. Please call or email for product availability.