SoCal Truck Accessories & Equipment, Inc.

Return/Refund Policies and Company Disclaimers

Definitions: For the purposes of this document, “SoCal Truck” refers to So Cal Truck Accessories & Equipment, Inc. “Part(s)” refers to automotive aftermarket accessories or equipment sold or installed by “SoCal Truck.” “OEM” refers to the Original Equipment Manufacturer of the customer’s vehicle.

Disclaimer regarding “Part(s)”: “Part(s)” are not guaranteed to be completely leak-proof due to the “OEM” of the vehicle not originally engineering the vehicle for “part(s)”. “Part(s)” may not be a perfect fitment or color match and may require modification to the part or customer’s vehicle during installation. “Part(s)” may cause damage to your vehicle, accelerate wear and tear, damage vehicle paint or panels, and/or change performance or handling characteristics. Depending on the “OEM,” “part(s)” may affect your vehicle warranty, please revise your warranty statements or ask “OEM” before installation. “Part(s)” manufacturers warranties vary.

Disclaimer regarding our Installations: “Part(s)” manufacturers design is responsible regarding safety, fitment, function, and against leaks. And we perform our installs in a way that will provide the safest, weather-resistant installation to a reasonable extent. No installation is guaranteed not to leak. We may deviate from the manufacturer’s instructions where we determine that it is necessary. Some “part(s)” require cutting, drilling, and/or welding to the vehicle. Our installers are trained and certified by “part(s)” manufacturers where available. We provide a 1-year warranty on our workmanship.

Disclaimer regarding Special Order “Part(s)”: There is a minimum 35% deposit required on all special orders, and it is NON-REFUNDABLE. The remaining balance may be paid upon pickup of “part(s)” or installation of “part(s)”. “Part(s)” ordered must be picked up within 30 days of notification of arrival. Unclaimed “part(s)” after 90 days, will be considered “abandoned” and will be property of “SoCal Truck.” The deposit will not be refunded.

Returns/Refunds on In-Stock “Part(s)”: Returns are accepted on un-opened, brand new “part(s)” still in original packaging. Packaging must not be damaged. No returns on installed “part(s)”, or damaged “part(s)”. “Part(s)” must be inspected for dents/damage by customer at time of purchase. Customer is responsible for verifying fitment of “part(s)” before opening packaging, since at times the customer vehicle is not present for verification of fitment at the time of “part(s)” purchase. No returns after 30 days.

Returns/Refunds on Special Orders: There is a minimum 35% deposit required on all special orders, and it is NON-REFUNDABLE. The remaining balance may be paid upon pickup of “part(s)” or installation of “part(s)”. In-stock “Part(s)” may be returned for a restocking fee. Please see below for custom-made “Part(s)”. See exception listed below.

Returns/Refunds on Custom-made “Part(s)”: There are no returns, refunds, or exchanges accepted on custom-made “Part(s)” such as camper shells, lumber racks, painted-to-match “part(s)”, carpet kits, etc. See exception listed below.

Exceptions to Returns/Refunds policies: In a minority of circumstances, the “part(s)” manufacturers are willing to accept a “part(s)” return and will charge a restocking fee and/or return shipping. In this case, “SoCal Truck” at its discretion, may accept the “part(s)” and charge the corresponding fees to the customer if the customer decides to proceed. Restocking fee will be variable depending on the manufacturer. Return shipping will vary based on location and weight, and some manufacturers will only use their own transportation or preference of freight company. Each transaction will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Items purchased as “Used:” Used “part(s)” are sold as-is with no warranty. Installation still carries a 1-year warranty on workmanship only. There are no returns accepted or refunds given on used “part(s)”.