Tommy Gate Lifts

Tommy gate hydraulic lifts

Original Tommy Gate

Tried and true reliability. Original Series models have been used by a wide variety of commercial industries over the past fifty years. Constructed with the same high-quality pumps and motors found in all other Tommy Gate lifts, Original Series liftgates use military aircraft-grade cable for added strength.

  • 500 & 1000 lbs. liftgate capacity
  • Single Cylinder Hydraulic System
  • Parallel-Arm Lift Style
  • Durable, military aircraft quality lifting cables
  • Fully-enclosed hydraulic system safely encased within liftgate mainframe
  • Pressure bypass prevents overloading
    Fold-down platform for dock or forklift loading
  • Timed inactivity switch

G2 Tommy Gate

Tommy Gate’s G2 Series is the latest in parallel-arm technology. Dual hydraulic cylinders apply direct power to both sides of the platform for increased consistency in motion and stability. With reduced maintenance requirements, wide variety of platform options, and vast hitch compatibility, G2 Series hydraulic lifts are a strong, versatile lift that offer convenience and efficiency.

  • 1300 & 1500 lbs. liftgate capacity
  • Dual Cylinder Hydraulic System
  • Parallel-Arm Lift Style
  • Dual hydraulic cylinders
  • Virtually maintenance-free components
  • Recessed control
  • Larger platforms
  • Fully-enclosed hydraulic system

Original Series

g2 Series - animation

Tommy Gate in Action