Weather Guard Door Storage

Weather Guard door storage

The weather guard door storage organizers keep tools and supplies close by. No digging around inside the van for those items used on every job. Durable steel trays and lids keep everything in place while driving. Adjustable dividers let you customize. You not only build or repair, but educate and inform customers. Catalog and literature holders keep information at hand, for your customers or crews.

  • Weatherguard Door Storage 9871-3-01
  • Weatherguard Door Storage 9872-3-01
  • Weatherguard Door Storage 9873-3-01
  • Weatherguard Door Storage 9880-3-01
9871-03-01 21¾” 20¼” 4⅝”
9872-03-01 21¾” 20¼” 4⅝”
9873-03-01* 21¾” 20¼” 4⅝”
9880-03-01 16″ 13″ 5″

*Limited quantities

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*Please note that the Weather Guard door storage units are vehicle specific. Please call or email for product availability.